Zen Stories of the Samurai


Neal Dunnigan holds the rank of 3rd dan in Aikido and has studied martial arts with noted Japanese and American instructors for over three decades. While traveling as a technology architect for major corporations, Neal has trained and served as guest instructor in dojos across the United States. Dunnigan resides in Kingfisher, Oklahoma where he operates the Wheatbelt Aikido dojo.


John Hrabushi has disciplined his life around Zen, art, and martial arts. A long time student of Zen, he is also an accomplished professional artist, specializing in oriental watercolor painting. A martial arts practitioner and instructor, he holds the rank of 4th dan in Aikido. He resides in New Haven, Connecticut.


Lorraine DiAnne holds the rank of 6th dan and title of Shihan (master teacher) in Aikido and holds the rank of 6th dan in Iaido. She is a member of the Birankai Aikido Federation where she has held several leadership positions. DiAnne Sensei was featured in Women in Aikido by Andrea Siegel (North Atlantic Books, 1993). DiAnne Sensei operates the West Side Aikido dojo in West Springfield, Massachusetts and frequently teaches at seminars across the Unites States and abroad.